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The Wise Realtor

“It is impossible to predict the future.” That’s a statement I have made hundreds of times, both from the stage as well as in print.

Yet considering the most likely scenarios and then preparing for them lessens the shock when some variation of any prediction does materialize. Being caught off guard is just foolish. Why would you fight the future? The future is coming, no matter what. And for it to arrive, time will change.

We have all heard the saying that everything changes and that nothing is certain but change itself.

A wise Realtor® with open arms would embrace new concepts and innovations. Listen, read and test drive new technology, social media, ways to advertise, methods to reach out to the home buyers, creative ways to serve him or her better, differently and more effectively and cost efficiently.

Agreed.  But not every new business model is necessarily better than the one you have. But they can’t all be bad. Whether you are a 50-50 kind of a guy or a believer of the 80-20 rule…it really doesn’t make any difference.

Not responding to new scenarios is stupid.

You’re not stupid…are you? Okay, so you’re not. Then don’t be in denial about change. The real estate business is changing. Homeowners are different. Real estate information is all on the Internet.

Read any good article, blog or report on the changing real estate industry and use this relatively slow period in the real estate cycle as an opportunity to retool.

If you are not sure where to start then read both my 2008 and 2009 Swanepoel Trends Reports. The two reports examine different important trends, strategies and concepts. These are wide-ranging studies of some 2,000 hours of research, interviews and writing. Or subscribe to my free monthly Trends Newsletter at www.retrends.com.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I have no crystal ball and that not everything in the reports is 100% accurate nor will be 100% in your future. But you will find no other report, more comprehensive, more complete or more focused on trying to provide real estate brokers and agents honest, objective and useable information.

I believe that real estate agents do have an important future role in the home buying transaction. Not as Sunday Open House-sitters, not as MLS Advertising Managers, not as Poorly Educated Sales Mavericks, but as true Real Estate Professionals.

And what is that?

A Real Estate Professional is a person that I can look up to. Someone who is my advisor regarding my real estate matters. He or she is a person that will wisely guide me to the right decision and not just sell me something because they earn a commission. Someone who will always negotiate the best deal for me and not try appease both parties to get the deal done. A person that will remain with me as my real estate consultant for all my future real estate and mortgage needs, whatever they may be.

Are you that real estate professional? Can you be that Mr. or Ms. Realtor®? If so, you are one in one thousand.

If not, I urge you to take action as the real estate business is going to change and will do so right around you.

Acknowledgement: Written By Stefan Swanepoel


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