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The RealtyU® Story
In the early 1990's six prominent regional real estate schools started working together on a formal basis by sharing ideas and cooperating to provide their students better real estate education and training services. In 1995 Inner Circle Education (ICE), Inc. was formed and by 1998 the synergy was so valuable that participation was opened up to include a few other real estate schools.

In 2001, ICE changed its name to RealtyU® and in 2002 it was decided under new leadership to expand the network nationwide with the addition of carefully selected, ethical and experienced real estate schools and has continued to expand is professional development of real estate professionals.

Our Mission

  • To be the dominant, best-recognized and overall best Executive and Professional Education service provider in the real estate services industry, utilizing both traditional and electronic mediums.
  • To provide real estate brokers and agents an effective and convenient one-stop real estate career development resource for all their real estate educational needs.
  • To remain at the leading edge of educational change by constantly introducing newly created real estate training programs, new courses, educational products, books and related services.
  • To increase the quality, speed and ease of the delivery of real estate education by deploying Internet based advanced instructional and educational management technology.
  • To offer an education solution to national real estate franchisors as well as regional real estate firms.
  • To take advantage of the general trend towards real estate consolidation by uniting quality real estate education leaders and service providers from across the nation, together under one group.
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