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Swanepoel Trends REPORT Now Mobile

  • Aliso Viejo, CA – March 23, 2009 – Do you want to get a crystal clear vision of what’s happening and what are the Top 10 business trends impacting the future of your real estate business? How about the credit crunch, financial collapse and foreclosure frenzy or the major acquisitions and shakeout of real estate firms? Well now you can get these answers and more in a brand new format.

    RealSure Publishing announced today that for the first time it is releasing the Swanepoel TRENDS Report in a new audiobook format. The entire unabridged 2009 report is contained in a 5 CD set that gives the listener the ability to use those quiet downtimes to stay on top of where the industry is headed.

    According to Mark Willis, CEO, Keller Williams International, “The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a must read, every year. It is spot on accurate and provides a strategic edge by helping you understand how to get in front of the competition. Stefan is a true visionary whose enthusiasm for what he does is only matched by his vision and his amazing grasp of our industry.” And in the 2009 Report Swanepoel hits the nail on the head as he explores the impact of:

    10-Nightmare on Elm Street … What if Your E&O Insurance No Longer Existed?

    9-The “Real” Energy Crisis … Factors Shaping Housing Values and Development

    8-Winning the Gold … Green Movement Gains Grassroots Support

    7-Information Highway Congestion … Too Much Traffic Creates a Virtual Parking Lot

    6-The Foreign Factor … The Global Arena Becomes Your Back Yard

    5-Boulevard of Broken Dreams … The Future of (a National) MLS

    4-Organized Real Estate Moves … New NAR Initiatives Could Change Industry

    3-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly … The Price Tag of Wall Street Greed and Stupidity

    2-The Power of One … Online Tribes Become Power Players

    1-Life After (During) A Down Market …Cycles Are Part of the Real Estate Journey

    Be aware and be prepared through this highly regarded report now in audiobook format that, according to Dale Stinton, CEO, National Association of REALTORS®, is “one of the best jobs of ‘pulling it all together, that I have ever seen.”

    The audio CD set can be obtained by from the RealtyU’s online E-store at www.RealEstateBooks.org.