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Real Estate Agents Flock To Online Education

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA., Jun. 22, 2005 - In an interview, Tom Mitchell, the COO of RealtyU® - the largest network of real estate schools in American - said that "At this point in time there is no indication that distance learning is going to replace classroom training in the foreseeable future. "It is however clear that online real estate education has been accepted by the industry and is growing rapidly," he added. "We believe that there is room and a harmonious balance for both forms of training in the marketplace and that there are certain real estate professionals who would prefer an either or choice. Real estate classes that require workshops, think-tanks, discussion and interaction are clearly the more suitable for a classroom environment while more mechanical structured type course such as say calculator courses and mortgage lending courses may be ideal for e-learning through the Internet," Mitchell said. "There is however another major driving force that is fueling the growth of online real estate education" said Mitchell, and "that is the convenience of time and location." Based on research from RealtyU®, online learning has not eroded classroom teaching but allowed existing professionals to maybe squeeze in an extra learning opportunity that they may previously have let slip through due to time constraints. According to RealtyU® research some of the typical barriers to entry to the real estate industry, namely cost and time, seem to be removed through online real estate education and is allowing a new entrant to explore real estate as a career. "To serve the needs of this growing market segment we have created a national real estate learning portal (www.realtyuonline.com) with over 1,900 real estate courses - real estate education is thus now available to anyone, from everywhere and at any time," he concluded.