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National Convention Roster

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, May 24, 2006 – At last a company has taken on the huge task of compiling one single list of all national, regional, state and other key real estate related conventions and conferences.  The great multitude of events held by literally hundreds of different franchises, real estate group, State REALTOR® Associations, well-known real estate speakers, major groups and large industry vendors has created a longstanding frustration for everyone in the industry, as interested parties must navigate through a maze of websites to obtain basic event information.

    Well, no more. Now CourseDates.com, the nation’s largest real estate course-scheduling website, already hosting over 4,000 listings of real estate courses has now added hundreds and hundreds of national real estate convention dates to their completely free service.

    The CourseDates Convention Roster includes events from RE/MAX to Keller Williams Realty, from the National Association of Realtors® to the Mortgage Brokers Association, from Mike Ferry’s Superstar retreat to Brian Buffini’s Mastermind Summit – all is accounted for at the site.  With over 200 large-scale events listed, CourseDates convention and conference calendar is adding events on a daily basis.  The best elements are yet to come, when next month the site will include the ability for event organizers to add hot links and contact details for their respective events, allowing interested parties to contact them.  The annual calendar clarifies September as the busiest month of the year, with some 40 events crammed into one 31-day period. The list of events has even fanned out to 2011.

    CourseDates.com also features numerous other very handy lists including a list of Real Estate Associations, Real Estate Designations and Real Estate Schools. Now by add Real Estate Conventions it has truly become a very handy reference site.