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RealtyU® Acquires Createaplan


    ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Nov. 1, 2005 - In a statement released today The RealtyU® Group, the nation's largest career development company in the real estate industry, announced that it had acquired Texas based CreateAPlan (www.CreateAPlan.com) the only business planning system specifically designed to create business plans for real estate agents and brokers.

    "Real estate agents are great at goal setting but lousy at planning on how to get there," Stefan Swanepoel, The RealtyU® Group CEO said. "Sure, the future is uncertain, but a roadmap that guides you towards your destination will significantly increase your odds of success" he said. Thanks to the Internet, CreateAPlan now makes business planning as easy as email. It is no longer a time consuming paper driven event but a web-based process that in less than 30 minutes provides you with a business plan, the number of required transaction needed, a weekly To-Do list for what must be accomplished in order to meet the user's income goal, a five-year projection on revenue and expenses, and a calculation of the overhead per transaction. "The ability to have a meaningful business plan is now for the first time within the reach of every real estate agent in the industry," according to Swanepoel.

    Allen Wright, the creator of CreateAPlan adds, "Since launching the software two years ago we have already helped thousands of agents increase their productivity and we know that the systems work. Business planning should however not be a winning strategy of the few but a staple of all agents. This is an industry in desperate need to become more professional and we felt compelled to partner with a company that not only believed in business planning but had the nationwide reach and ability to make a difference by providing all real estate agents with the opportunity to reach success. The RealtyU® Group is that company".

    And as this year draws to a close and 2006 looms closer, the timing to provide agents with an easy-to-use business planning tool could not have been better timed. Walter Sanford, one of the industry's leading coaches for high performing agents affirms that "One thing is for certain, without a detailed business plan to answer key questions about your business and providing a platform for future growth, profitability becomes harder and CreateAPlan is the best tool we have seen for developing a detailed business plan."