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Finding A Real Estate School Becomes Easier

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    ALISO VIEJO, CA, November 7, 2006Agents barely have enough time to service all their existing clients, make strategic business decisions and return all their calls, so looking for a real estate schools is not always high on the priority list. Now RealtyU®, foreseeing the growing need for knowledge, education and training, has launched a convenient new site to make that search a little easier. “There is nothing more frustrating to anyone who is fighting a time deadline then not getting the information they need, when they need it,” said Thomas M. Mitchell, SVP of RealtyU®  Network of Companies.

    With over 350,000 real estate agents trained in 2005,  200 campuses in 40 states, and 400 accredited instructors, RealtyU® is the ideal company to create this useful new site.  The real estate industry is facing a huge change in customer demographics and buying habits.  As a result, agents that wish to become real estate professionals will in the future, have to walk the extra mile and take classes, not only because they provide CE credit, but because they actually improve their skill set.  “Professional agents should be taking some education classes every 90 days,” says Mitchell.  “If not, you will be left behind as the industry changes around you,” he said. 

    The new website www.RealtyUSchools.com features colorful coding for quick identification of real estate schools, classroom courses, online courses, and special offers.  The national map makes the search easy, and prospective students can pin point exact school locations, and detail exact courses that are offered and more.

    For more information contact Thomas M. Mitchell at 435-359-6861 or by email at: councilllc@realtyuonline.com   RealtyU is also in the process of creating a complete career development package that will empower brokers to offer a total education solution to their agents.