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    ALISO VIEJO, Calif., May 8, 2006 – RealtyU®, America’s largest network of real estate schools (205 locations), is pleased to announce that Gold Coast Schools – the largest real estate licensing and pre-licensing school in Florida – has been approved as a RealtyU® Affiliate.

    According to John Greer, Gold Coast’s Director, “RealtyU® has made quantum leaps during the last few years, and have on numerous levels become the national standard for various education activities, such as seller agency, business planning and mentoring. By cooperating on various levels such as courseware development and productivity enhancing systems we will be able to expand our portfolio of education and training services to agents in southern Florida,” he said.

    “Gold Coast is an especially meaningful addition to our team,” explains RealtyU CEO Stefan Swanepoel. “Orlando-based IFREC, the second largest real estate school in Florida, is very active and key RealtyU® Affiliate for some seven years now, and we anticipate enjoying the same strength of relationship and with Gold Coast Schools. We are now able to serve Florida brokers and agents with all their educational needs more effectively than any other company.”

    The RealtyU® family of real estate schools is now stronger than ever in Florida with the two largest schools cooperating as RealtyU® Affiliates. The network has over 400 qualified and licensed real estate instructors in 40 states that offer more than 5,000 unique real estate training courses and programs every year. RealtyU® combines the strength of real estate schools, Realtor® Associations, and Real Estate Brokers that operate training facilitates and collaborate on a variety of issues, especially with regard to providing cutting-edge new courses, serving national education needs of large campuses, and offering superior online real estate curriculum. RealtyU® schools annually educate over 350,000 real estate agents in live classroom formats and over 40,000 agents online.

    Gold Coast began operations in 1970 as a real estate school with a single location in Florida. Today they operate five permanent campuses and dozens of classrooms throughout Southern Florida. They offer licensing education for a variety of Florida professions, including licensing, pre-licensing, management, investment, mortgage services, inspections, and securities. With full-service schools now operating in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Broward, North Dade and South Dade, they have grown into one of the country's largest providers of classroom and distance learning in the fields of real estate, appraisal, mortgage, insurance, and construction education.

    Gold Coast carefully selects every instructor with great care and scrutiny. Each instructor is rigorously evaluated not only their specialized real estate knowledge within a respective field, but also on their presentations skills. This creates a classroom atmosphere of excellence, openness, and genuine learning.