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Generations "X" and "Y" No Longer Ignored

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, September 12, 2007 – Up to now Seniors have been the only generational group focused on by the real estate education sector. At long last someone has decided to give Generations X and Y their dues by exploring just who they are and how they are impacting the real estate industry – today and into tomorrow. This long remaining void has now been filled by RealtyU, the nations leading career development company in conjunction with Carmen and Lloyd Multhauf.

    Coinciding with the release of Carmen and Lloyd’s new book, Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery, RealtyU is announcing the release of the Generational Housing Specialist (GHS) course and designation. According to Thomas M. Mitchell, SVP of the RealtyU Group, “This course has been in the planning process for over a year and is in response to many requests from RealtyU students across the country. We became excited the moment Carmen approached us with the idea as her Senior Housing Specialist course, based on the course materials Carmen wrote for the original SRES educational module in 1997, has been an extremely popular course for RealtyU over the years. Now, for the first time we have an updated course that addresses not only all of the generational segments but also the impact of minorities and immigrants on the housing industry.”

    The core sections of the GHS course focus on the real estate professionals need to understand the varied generational groups and how the events of their collective lifetime have shaped their generational personality. Agents need to be sensitive to their individual responses to those events as they directly impact their ability to establish a meaningful and professional relationship with members of each group.

    According to Carmen, “The particular housing market the United States is currently experiencing is the first time there have been all five generations of families in the market simultaneously. This presents a unique opportunity for agents interested in expanding their business or focusing on a niche, but who haven’t quite been able to choose one yet.”

    It’s no surprise that the real estate world has become more complex because people themselves are more complex. Other issues such as rising minority and immigrant home ownership and home ownership at a much earlier age are all factors facing today’s real estate professional. The time has come to re-evaluate the role of the real estate agent who works with multiple generations. It’s all about understanding the different generational segments and learning their group characteristics and needs in order to build a meaningful relationship … based upon trust and confidence.

    The Generational Housing Specialist course (www.generationalhousingspecialist.com) provides real estate specialists with the tools necessary to effectively move into today’s niche filled real estate market. More about the course can be learned by visiting www.realtyuonline.com and clicking on GHS Course or by contacting a RealtyU School nearest you; www.realtyurealestateschools.com