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Luxury Homes Market Bucking the Trend

  • Gain Additional Skills to Serve High-End Sellers Effectively

    Aliso Viejo, CA February 13, 2008 – While 2007 was devastating for many segments of the real estate market, most high end homes seems to be holding their ground. Some agents even say that last year was a robust market for luxury homes. The question on many lips is to what extent will the mortgage meltdown and overall uncertainty in the economy affect these generally wealthy home owners going forward.

    “High end buyers and sellers have a unique profile and are completely different from the widely publicized subprime market,” says Stefan Swanepoel, author of new 2008 Swanepoel Trends Report, and CEO of RealtyU. RealtyU, the leading career development company in the real estate industry, has just announced the release of the online version of the highly acclaimed Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course, authored by real estate top producer and author Jim Remley.

    According to Remley, “We are excited that the ALHS course was selected by RealtyU for online development as this now makes it possible for all real estate agents to gain the knowledge to work in the luxury market. Now, for the first time, real estate professionals specializing in the luxury market have access to all the information and material that was designed for the two day classroom version in a highly interactive at their fingertips, 24 x 7.”

    The ALHS course details national luxury housing trends, specialized luxury buyer and seller needs, development and delivery of unique high level services, representation issues, liability and risk management, builder services, personal marketing, servicing and marketing the luxury home listing as well as negotiating and managing the luxury home transaction.

    Allen Wright, SVP of RealtyU, notes that “We worked closely with the Luxury Home Council and local RealtyU Schools to ensure that this course provides the real estate professional a complete resource blending a virtual classroom environment with the hands-on interactivity and interaction that is generally missing in most existing online instruction today. To accomplish that we employed the latest interactive multimedia tools, audio, flash and streaming video,” Wright said.

    Upon completion of the ALHS course, agents are empowered to join an elite membership of real estate professionals that are knowledgeable and capable of effectively serving the affluent high-end market client. Ongoing membership of the Luxury Home Council provides continuous support, counseling and information of this very important market segment. If you are not yet benefitting from this slice of the market, now may be the best time to get involved.

    For more information visit ALHS course online.