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  • More Listings Means Extended Time on Market

    Aliso Viejo, CA October 30, 2007 - Have you read the Wall Street Journal lately? “The WSJ’s quarterly survey of housing-market conditions in 28 major U.S. metropolitan areas shows that inventories of unsold homes continue to rise in most of them, short sales are the order of the day, and foreclosures on the rise as prices continue to slide. Add to all this the fact that the national supply of detached single-family homes is at 10.2 months, the highest since February 1988 and the Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs says, “House prices are likely to fall about 7% this year and a similar amount in 2008” and immediate future is bleak.

    So what can agents do, quickly, easily and inexpensively to help the sellers sell their homes?

    Increasingly many real estate professionals have found that the key to turning a seller’s “house for sale” sign into “home for sale” sign is all in how effectively its been staged. With sellers looking for every “edge” they can get on the competition, today’s real estate professionals need to add value to their service by combining a key element in the process that sellers are looking for – home staging.
    Andy Capelluto, a professional home stager and interior designer with over 22 year of experience, created a very compact, precise home staging course for real estate professionals entitled The Power of Staging™. The 8 hour staging course is one of the most thorough overviews of staging available today and delves into all aspects of the home staging process from color to style and from symmetry to placement – both inside and outside the home.

    To make it easy for real estate agents to gain this knowledge the course was transformed into a cutting-edge multimedia online learning experience by RealtyU®. Its innovative e-learning platform created especially for real estate agents offers a simple yet robust way to navigate through video, audio, PowerPoint slides, examples and more to obtain a comprehensive understanding about the principles of home staging.

    “We were delighted and impressed with the quality of Andy’s staging course and her passion to see that every agent in the industry has access to these concepts and very useful additional knowledge,” said Bill Shue, President of RealtyU®. According to Shue the course provides insights into every part of the staging process and provides the agent with comprehensive tools and checklists to help them develop an effective staging plan for their clients.

    Now available for the first time, The Power of Staging™ can now be experienced online, anywhere, anytime, through www.RealtyUonline.com. Upon completion agents the AHS designation (Accredited Home-Staging Specialist). To learn more about the staging process and the AHS course visit www.StagingSpecialist.com.