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Online Real Estate Bookstore Adds 11 New Books And Cd-rom’s

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, Sept. 14, 2006 – The RealtyU® Bookstore, one of the few online bookstores that focus exclusively on providing real estate and finance books and products focused on helping real estate agents improve their business today announced the addition of eleven new real estate books and CD’s ranging in subject matter from economics and law to appraisals and the psychology of negotiation.

    “The 3Ps of Negotiating: Exploring the Dimensions” by John C. Ritchie identifies and explores the boundaries that comprise the foundation of every successful negotiating scenario. The book analyzes how people, processes and positional issues influence a negotiation, endorsing a situational approach to negotiating that exposes the reader to the many elementary parameters that come into play during a negotiation. The book offers clear and straightforward advice for accurately pinpointing a wide variety of communication styles and the key factors that influence each one.

    “Real Estate Finance, Theory and Practice” seeks to clarify real estate finance clear and through relevant, direct application of real world real estate situations. Based on sound economic and financial principles, the primary goal of this market-leading text is to promote a greater understanding of how real estate finance function and evolve. Authors Terrence M. Clauretie and G. Stacy Sirmans blend scholarly theory with bootstrap functionality when explaining the impact of pertinent federal legislation, especially newly-enacted laws that affect the financial institutions that operate with the residential housing market.

    In his new interactive CD ROM entitled, “An Interactive Guide to Real Estate – The Commercial (and Residential) Transaction” author Joseph E. Goeters details the commercial real estate transaction from beginning to end, utilizing an audio/visual medium to navigate viewers through the transaction by role-playing the positions of an attorney, a lender, an appraiser, an inspector and a broker throughout the intricacies of a property purchase. As a result, the viewer gains a more accurate understanding of which key must tasks be accomplished in order to buy or sell commercial property.

    “Real Estate Law” narrates the history of real estate – from its basic spatial and conceptual form through the most important private and public law transactions and processes that govern its conduct in American society today. The book contends that real estate represents an important but frequently undermanaged asset, even though land and structures compose roughly two-thirds of the entire nation’s wealth. The text ventures into the possibilities that the future may afford; in particular, the text provides innovative material on the legal aspects of e-commerce and the conceivable ways in which it may very well shape the real estate industry of tomorrow. These new books, along with six others:

    Basic Real Estate Appraisal
    Real Estate Marketing and Sales Essentials
    The Home Inspection Book: A Guide for Professionals
    Essentials of Real Estate Economics
    Ethics for the Real Estate Professional
    California Real Estate Law: Text & Cases

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