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Real Blogging Energizes your Morning Coffee

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    ALISO VIEJO, CA, September 5, 2007 - The highly touted real estate blog site, RealBlogging.com, has now been updated with the latest content delivery software to ensure that your morning starts with a quick check of what the industry’s top insiders are focused on. Now it’s easier than ever to join over 6,000 readers every day that are taking advantage of getting their information straight from the horse’s mouth. Unlike a press release, this information is alive and active and resides on a two-way street … leading straight to you.

    The secret to the incredible draw of RealBlogging is its eclectic collection of 45 of the industry’s key insiders, which have drawn over 3 million reads since the sites launch 16 months ago. These authors, keynote speakers and industry leaders share their insights with everyone by combining their knowledge into the power of one combined blog - it’s almost like sharing your morning cup of coffee with these industry influencers and gleaning valuable and personal tidbits of information every day.

    These are the leaders that real estate professionals flock to hear speak on the national stage or rush to by their CDs and DVDs. This group of luminaries includes some of the most prolific authors in the industry, whose list of impressive books continues to grow every year. But the best part of RealBlogging is not only the ability to grab an “apple of wisdom” a day from these industry insiders but the opportunity to interact with them.

    The tools available on the site make it possible for readers to post and ask questions of this elite group, making that entire industry “horsepower” directly available with a simple post or email. No longer do you have to sit in the audience when one of these leaders is speaking and wish you could ask a question. Have you ever wanted to explore a subject from one of there books, DVDs or CDs in more detail? RealBlogging is your gateway to the wisdom and insight of these leaders and it’s free and just a click away:

    Allen Wright
    Andy Capelluto
    Bill Miles
    Bill Shue
    Bob Herd
    Carmel Streater
    Carmen Multhauf
    Charles Jacobus
    Craig King
    Darlene Lyons
    Dave Beson Debbie Long
    Dirk Zeller
    Don Hobbs
    Don Murray
    Donald Teel
    Gary David Hall
    George Slusser
    Ian Grace
    Jack Peckham
    Jeremy Conaway
    Jim Remley
    John Ansbach
    John Greer
    John Mayfield
    John Tuccillo
    Ken Jenny
    Kendra Shearer
    Marcie Roggow
    Mary Supinger
    Mel Aclaro
    Michael Krisa
    Michael Russer
    Patrick McClellan
    Philip Schoewe
    Ralph Roberts
    Rhonda Hamilton
    Richard Nacht
    Stefan Swanepoel
    Stu Siegel
    Terri Murphy
    Tom Dooley
    Valleri Crabtree
    Verl Workman
    Walter Baczkowski

    For the most balanced view possible on the most pressing topics in real estate today there is no better stop than RealBlogging the first thing every day. To see for yourself, just go to www.RealBlogging.com and join the thousands being enlightened everyday.