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Real Estate Apprentice Foundation's Announces Beginning Of 5th Season

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, July 1, 2006 – Being a rookie is a challenge, no matter what field of work you find yourself engaged in; whether its sports, the business world, or even parenthood. It seems that everyone is watching just to see if you can really shine like you know you can. How does the degree of difficulty required to sell real estate match up against other endeavors? Is it that much more difficult than just throwing a football, or cracking a fastball into the nearest set of bleachers?

    Industry experts agree that when green agents get up to bat in real estate, the pressure is on, since so much is riding on every aspect of such a complex transaction. Having a pretty smile and a fancy hairstyle may get you some immediate attention, but it all boils down to what the rookie knows, and how well he or she can make their case to prospective clients. It’s called salesmanship, and in real estate, it’s the only game in town. For the rookie agent, each transaction is its very own Super Bowl or a World Series, since the prospect is considering whether or not to allow them to handle the largest lifetime monetary purchase they will most likely ever make. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, when the stakes are so incredibly high, that the room for error or forgiveness is so very low. If keeping a deal from going south, fouling out, or losing the game is tough for a veteran agent, that level of difficulty instantly places rookies on the endangered species list.

    Today, however, rookie agents have a powerful advocate in the industry: The Real Estate Apprentice® Foundation’s Grant Program. Strong sponsorship by some the finest companies in the realm of real estate have allowed the Foundation to offer every single applicant $250 in educational products and services. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. Simply visit the Foundation’s website application area (www.realestateapprentice.com/apply.cfm), create a login, provide your contact information, and answer three short essay questions. That’s it! No membership is requested, no contract is required, and there’s no hidden agenda.

    As the fourth season of the Apprentice Grant Program wraps up on June 30th, new applicants can visit the Foundation’s site and follow the directions above to get a $250 edge on their competition. “I know, it sounds too good to be true, but that’s really just the beginning,” explains the Foundation’s Deputy Director, Dr. Martin Oliver. “That $250 is only a small part of the $1 million in educational products and services that we give away every single year. We will have the pleasure of giving away valuable prizes to approximately 2,500 rookies during Season V, which begins on July 1st.” What’s in the “goodie bag” for candidates of the fifth season? Here is a quick rundown of what every single applicant will receive, simply for completing their application, regardless of whether they advance in the competition:

    Two months of free online mentoring, courtesy of iSucceed.com – the largest repository of real estate advice anywhere online.
    One free online course explaining on real estate business planning from RealtyU®, the largest real estate career development company in the nation.
    One real estate career personality assessment from Upward Motion, creators of “the Real Estate Simulator”.
    Two months of free access to detailed information about any neighborhood in the country from eNeighborhoods – THE resource for agents seeking local market information.
    A $25 printing discount from ExpressCopy’s online digital printing and mail house – specializing in 24-hour turn-around on direct mail.
    Thirty (30) days’ free usage of the management business platform in real estate, from RealAgentSuite – with task supervision, contact management, and fax capabilities.
    That’s why the Foundation has such a simple, clear vision: to spotlight the importance of real estate apprenticeships for the public good, to improve the U.S. residential real estate brokerage industry, and to raise the standard of professionalism for real estate agents. Since real estate professionals must know how to communicate in order to effectively sell, winning a substantive grant from The Real Estate Apprentice® Foundation is accomplished via the medium of the essay. Finalists and semi-finalists are selected through essay questions and interviews, which are judged by an independent panel of industry leaders, authors, business professionals and top producers. Every six-month season one Grand Prize Winner receives an estimated $70,000 grant, 10 Finalists receive approximately $7,000 each, and 20 Semi-Finalists receive approximately $2,500 each. Grants total $500,000 every six months; $1,000,000 annually.

    So what are you waiting for? Apply right now for a grant from The Real Estate Apprentice® Foundation by visiting www.realestateapprentice.org. Applicants will be asked to answer three short questions meant to assist the Foundation in evaluating the merit of each applicant. Apprentice applicants are judged based on answers that demonstrate superb salesmanship and communication skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, creativity and uniqueness. Semi-finalists may be asked to respond to additional questions.

    Applications will be deemed eligible for all participants in Season V are people that took a prelicense real estate course through any accredited real estate school, or training organization, either offline or online, between April 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006. By the time awards are conferred, applicants must have passed the state or provincial real estate licensing examination and be a licensed agent in good standing. Proof of eligibility must be provided upon request. The Grant Program does not discriminate, and is fair and impartial regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, political affiliation and sexual orientation.

    Companies interested in becoming a Sponsor of The Real Estate Apprentice® to help strengthen the industry and place their products and services into the hands of rising rookie agents should email Dr. Martin Oliver at Dr.Oliver@RealEstateApprentice.com, or call 435-359-6861.