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  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, February 26, 2007 – The dictionary defines blog as: To write entries in, add material to or maintain a weblog. Essentially, blogging is just a compilation of back-and-forth conversations online. Most industry leaders don’t have the time to post a blog every day or every second day or maintain their own separate blog site. But when 40 industry experts found a place to combine their knowledge and time, they produced an awesome array of posts.

    RealBlogging.com is exactly that place, the home of 40 industry authors, speakers and leaders that have collectively created the largest B2B blog in the real estate industry. Here are some of the posts of the last few weeks:

    Snakes on a Plane by Patrick McClellan
    Will You Always Be an Ostrich? by Marcie Roggow
    New Legislation Proposed: No Home Loans for Illegal Immigrants by Mary Supinger
    Best Brands in Real Estate by Stefan Swanepoel
    Break Through by Allen Wright
    Streaming Real Estate by Patrick McClellan
    Homebuyers Are Using the Internet; Agents Are Not by Richard Nacht
    The Importance of Selecting the Right Logo for your Business by Kendra Shearer
    Buyers and Sellers Locked in Stalemate While Properties Sit Unsold by Craig King
    Six Online Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads by Richard Nacht
    The Fine Points of Team Marketing by Don Hobbs
    Staged to Enjoy by Andy Capelutto
    Lost! The Written Addition by Allen Wright
    Professionals Embrace Blogs and Social Networks by Richard Nacht
    Zillow: They’re Taking on the Wobbling Punch-Drunk World of Real Estate by Stefan Swanepoel
    Effects of Piggy Loans by Allen Wright
    Shh! That’s Confidential. Or is it? By Marcie Roggow
    Business Planning and Contact Management by Allen Wright
    Success Strategies for Women in Business by Terri Murphy
    New Money Driving Luxury Housing by Jim Remley
    Ways to Make a Home Sparkle by Andy Capelutto
    Continuation of the Hangover by Stefan Swanepoel
    Building a Success Portfolio by Jim Remley
    Excellence - The Best Security of All by Craig King
    Broker Paradigm by Bill Shue
    The Major Opportunity is the Minority Market by Stefan Swanepoel
    San Diego and Orange County Market Trends by Don Murray
    Working at Full Steam by Don Hobbs
    Conclusive Proof You Need a Strong Internet Presence by Richard Nacht
    Empty House and Condos at Record Levels by Craig King
    Are You Learning Online? by Dave Shaut
    Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Websites by Stefan Swanepoel
    How to “Triple” Side a Deal by Don Murray
    From Cocoon to Butterfly: The Making of a Mega Agent by Kendra Shearer
    What Goes into a Credit Score? by Mary Supinger
    Everybody Sells at Market Price by Craig King
    The YouTubing MySpacers Are Coming by Stefan Swanepoel
    Do You Need Protection? by Bill Shue
    New Business Source for You by Don Murray
    Truly an interesting and eclectic array of real estate snippets straight from the “horses-mouths”.
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