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Exhaustive List of Real Estate Certifications and Designations

  • Annual Update Now Underway

    ALISO VIEJO, CA, May 21, 2007 - “With the real estate industry saturated with too many agent, earning multiple designations has become more popular that ever before as a method to distinguish yourself from the masses” says Tom Mitchell, SVP of RealtyU. “Knowledgeable is key for successful agents,” he said.

    According to Marc Gould Vice President of Business Specialties, for the National Association of Realtors “A designation tells you an agent is serious about their career; that they’re willing to go out and get a higher level of training.” NAR the largest provider and manger of designations last year accounted for 20 of the total number of 63 real estate designations listed by RealtyU.

    Since the previous annual survey various new designations had been launched says Mitchell and he is expecting that the final number this year will be over 80.  According to NAR research, Realtors with a designation earned a median annual income of $82,900; double that of $40,900 for those without a NAR designation. But strangely enough they also report that 74% of Realtors do not hold one of their designations and 90% do not hold a single NAR certification.

    Now the time has come again for everyone to review the list of designations, logos and contact details and help correct any errors. To view the current master list go to http://www.coursedates.com/designations.htm. For any changes and updates email Tom Mitchell at councilllc@realtyuonline.com.