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RealtyU® And Reea Have Drive For More Drei Designees

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, January 4th, 2006 – RealtyU® Real Estate Schools, the largest network of real estate schools in the nation, officially announced their support for the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) accreditation. The DREI designation was created by the REEA to help improve the quality of real estate instruction and set a level of excellence in the industry,” says Stefan Swanepoel, CEO of the RealtyU® Group, and “we applaud them for it.”

    REEA (www.reea.org) is the leading national trade association for real estate educators dedicated to delivering high-quality sales associates to the nation’s real estate brokers, regulators and, ultimately, consumers. Their goal is to provide their members the latest tools and techniques for effective adult education with the focus on ensuring they meet and exceed the high standards demanded in real estate’s rapidly changing legal and professional environment.

    According to Swanepoel, “These goals are in keeping with the charter that RealtyU® and the DREI designation is a prime example of our commitment to helping real estate raise the bar on education in the industry. Only those instructors who demonstrate outstanding knowledge of the real estate industry, have sufficient experience and excellent classroom performance qualify to be considered for this award. The DREI program is administered by an appointed REEA DREI Committee. Candidates are reviewed by this Committee under the direction of the REEA Board of Directors and the application process includes attending classes, receiving a certain level of approval from former students, providing video tapes of their teaching abilities and submitting their teaching credential and experience to a panel of their peers for review.

    To date only 110 real estate educators in the entire United States have been awarded this sought-after accreditation. Being a DREI instructor denotes the true mark of excellence as a real estate instructor. According to Swanepoel, “RealtyU® has decided to embrace the DREI designation and what it stands for. Our goal is to be the leading training organization with most DREI designees in the nation.” Swanepoel said. RealtyU®’s goal within the next 12 months is 25 DREI designees, which represents approximately 20% of the nations DREI designees.

    The first DREI orientation and training session will be coordinated by RealtyU® (www.realtyurealestateschools.com) in association with REEA is to be held on January 26th in Phoenix Arizona. According to Senior Vice President Thomas Mitchell, “RealtyU® plans to start 8 of RealtyU’s® best real estate instructors on the path towards obtaining this designation during 2006.”