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Reea: Swanepoel Keynotes


    ALISO VIEJO, CA, June 2, 2006 – The annual REEA (Real Estate Educator’s Association) Conference is being held next week, June 11-14, at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s theme is “Everyone Wins with REEA,” starts with real estate trends visionary Stefan Swanepoel opening the general session on Monday. Other general session featured speakers for the luncheons and closing general session are Amy Tolbert, Judy Shaw, and Judy Carter.

    With 13 books, whitepapers and reports to his credit, Swanepoel is widely recognized as the leading authority on trends and change in the real estate industry. He is also CEO of the RealtyU® Group, one of the largest educators of real estate agents in the nation. Amy Tolbert, is a principal of Effecting Creative Change in Organizations and is the author of the book Reversing the Ostrich Approach to Diversity: Pulling your head out of the sand, a timely answer to the renewed urgency for actionable diversity information, Twenty years ago Judy Shaw was a REALTOR® in New York before she became a public speaker to both the secular and sacred world. She is known for her grace, but bold courage to re-examine the “Philosophies of Life.” Closing general session speaker Judy Carter is a master teacher, author and humorous speaker. She started her career as a magician and later a stand-up comic before she ten years ago she formed the Comedy Workshop Productions, a school for wanna-be comics.

    The REEA Conference that starts on Sunday evening with an welcome reception and then continues through Wednesday, is preceded on Saturday and Sunday with various pre-convention Instructor Development Workshops and Assessment Programs. Other allied educational events such as an ARELLO-IDECC distance learning seminar, a REBAC Instructor trainings session and the RealtyU mid-year Affiliate Conference, are also held on the weekend in conjunction with the REEA Conference.