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RealtyU® Announces Educator Of The Quarter

  • ALISO VIEJO, CA, May 17, 2006 – RealtyU® recently announced Philip G. Schoewe as its featured educator for the second quarter of 2006. On behalf of all RealtyU® educators, their students, and the RealtyU® Network, Philip received an award in recognition of and sincere appreciation for the commitment and superior effort he has demonstrated as a real estate instructor since joining the network as an affiliate in 2003.

    Philip manages “The Academy of Regulated Real Estate Courses” (TARREC) in Lubbock, Texas, and is one of only two practicing attorneys holding both the REEA DREI and the TRETA™ CREI™ teaching designations. His background seller representation includes an outstanding year where he closed 194 transactions, and during which time he also listed 161 residences and closed 160 of them before the listing period ended; an astonishing 99.38% success rate.

    Philip has been a Realtor® since 1977, an Attorney at Law, Texas (BAR, 1979), a Texas Real Estate Broker since 1980, a Texas Mortgage Broker, and a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New Mexico & Oklahoma. His current Designation / Certifications include: GRI, MRA, CSRC™, CREI™, ABR®, CRS, CRB, ABRM, DREI, CIPS, RECS, C-CREC®, e-PRO, SRES, RFS & ASR®. He is also a past member of the Texas’ College of the State BAR.

    Philip’s passion for sharing knowledge is found in his answer to why he loves the classroom:

    “I do not really teach, and I certainly do not preach, rather I reach… I reach across the instructor/learner barrier to discover what the learner wants to learn, and then together we transfer the knowledge by sharing its application so that through applied learning and demonstration it is better remembered. Whether the class is 300-400, or just one at a time, when I tutor, we guide the knowledge transfer by agreeing on the expectations of the course. ‘Why is today's topic important? What will we specifically learn? How we learn it? How will we go back to our practice and use what we learned today? Can we imagine what this means for our business?’ For me, this is the true circle of learning.”

    Philip has remained particularly vigilant in his support of the new ASR® designation, believing it is destined to make a profound impact on the real estate industry. He admits, “This course is one of the finest that I have had the pleasure to present. It hits right at the heart of the key elements so necessary for agents to employ in order to effectively represent the interests of today’s sellers. With this program we are finally seeing a return to the foundation that has been neglected for so long - the three-legged stool of professionalism: honesty, integrity and competence.