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How much money a real estate agent can make in real estate sales is almost unlimited and depends largely on how ambitious they are and how much effort and time they are willing to put in. Income is however earned only upon a closed real estate transaction and as the first transaction can take a few months to achieve, and then can still take a month or two to actually close, it is frequently six months before a rookie real estate agent can actually earn their first income check.

During this time, not only do real estate agents have to be able to sustain themselves financially, but should they wish to be successful, they will need to invest many thousands of dollars to acquire completes studies, obtain a real estate license, purchase business cards and other marketing materials, obtain a computer, software, receive guidance and mentoring, etc. It has been estimated that during a real estate agents first year they can easily spend as much as $75,000 in obtaining the right education, products, tools and services to become successful.

The Real Estate Apprentice Foundation, a California Non-Profit Corporation, is the only organization to offer a national real estate grant program for new rookie real estate agents by awarding bi-annual real estate grants totaling $250,000 every year. Known as The Real Estate Apprentice Grant, the real estate grant program attempts to help rookie real estate agents overcome their fears and obstacles, teach them how to plan and prepare for their first year in real estate and strives to facilitate the creation of top producing real estate sales people by providing them with quality guidance, unlimited real estate education and the best products and services to expedite a successful fast track to profitability.

Real estate grants are sponsored by various leading real estate companies, service providers and industry leaders including: First American Corporation - the leading provider of real estate business information: Hobbs/Herder - a leading provider in real estate agent corporate identity and branding; Thomson Learning - a leading publisher of books in real estate, law, tax and accounting; Success Strategies Institute - a premier real estate coaching company; McLean International - a respected real estate organizational structure business systems implementation company; RealtyU® - the nation's largest network of real estate schools; iSucceed - a leading online real estate mentoring service; CourseDates.com - the nation's largest online real estate course schedule; The Real Estate CyberSpace Society - organizer of the nation's largest online real estate convention; Calculated Industries - the country's leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty calculators and digital measuring tools; Create A Plan - a leading online real estate business planning system; and RIS Media and Broker Agent News, both highly respected names in real estate news reporting.

Every year a new panel of 12 judges are appointed to select real estate grant winners. They are appointed based on real estate industry experience, leadership, vision and impartiality. Real estate grant finalists are reviewed based on selection criteria that include essays and interviews that are graded on traits such as communication skills, entrepreneurial spirit, salesmanship skills, uniqueness, creativity and integrity. To see if you are eligible, view the participation rules or apply right now.
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